A,C,E,FH,I,L – NEW YORK 22.5 HR PACKAGE 3 #C06713

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Course Overview

N.Y. 22.5 Hours Package 3


LAW OF AGENCY This section meets the required 1 or 2 hrs. of Agency

·       Intro and key terms

·       Agency and Agency agreements

·       Types of Agency

·       Fiduciary responsibilities of the agent

·       Who is the customer/client?

·       Understanding and reviewing mandatory forms

·       Stigmatized properties, lead and disclosure

·       Compensation and by whom

·       Nar Code of Ethics, Standards and Practices

·       Anti-trust

·       Fraud and misrepresentations

·       Risk management

·       DOS lawsuits

ANTI-DISCRIMINATION AND FAIR HOUSING This section meets the required 3 hrs. of Fair Housing

·       A look at how discrimination began

·       Laws and exemptions

·       Other prohibited practices

·       Megan’s law

·       Guidelines and responsibilities

·       Enforcing the law

·       Working with buyers and sellers

·       Possible discriminatory situations

·       Case studies


·       Introduction to Property Management

·       Types of property to be managed

·       Management agreement

·       Management plan including budgeting

·       Necessary skills for a property manager


·       Getting started

·       Who will most likely succeed?

·       Risk vs. Return, Types of risk

·       Due diligence

·       Risk management

·       Financial/leverage/valuation

·       Highest and best use

·       Land use and zoning

·       Understanding property value

·       Basic concepts

·       Immobility and tangibility

·       Appraising

·       Flipping/short sale/exchanges

·       Advantages and disadvantages

·       Types of property managers

·       Responsibilities

·       Day to day functions of the property manager

·       Property management agreement

·       Reporting

·       Maintenance

Implicit Bias

Understanding concepts of bias

Understand how implicit bias forms

Recognize bias in legal system

Be able to understand how implicit bias happens
in real estate and advertising

Cultural Competency

Be able to understand cultural differences

Know why culture matters

Know how to become culturally competent

Understand how to create a culturally sensitive
real estate experience.


* No Partial Credit can be given for this course