A,C,E,FH,I,L – NEW YORK 22.5 HR PACKAGE 4 #C06714

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Course Overview

N.Y. 22.5 Hours Package 4

ANTI-DISCRIMINATION AND FAIR HOUSING This section meets the reqired 3 hours of Fair Housing

·       A look back at how discrimination began

·       Fair housing regulations, laws and exemptions

·       Prohibited practices

·       Accessibility for persons with disabilities

·        Steering/redlining/blockbusting/cease and desist

·       Private clubs

·       Denying housing based on covered classes

·       Guidelines and restrictions

·       Responsibilities of salespeople and brokers

·       Legacy of segregation

·       Enforcing the law

·       Case studies

THE REAL WORLD, AGENCY, ANTI-TRUST AND YOU This section meets the reqired 1 or 2 hours of Agency

·       Learning objectives and key terms

·       Agency and Agency agreements

·       Types of agencies

·       Responsibilities of the agent

·       Defining clients/customers

·       Fiduciary responsibilities

·       Dual Agency

·       Mandatory Agency Disclosure form

·       Property condition disclosure form

·       Lead paint and its’ effects

·       Stigmatized properties and latent defects

·       Calculating your commission and determining who will pay it

·       Anti Trust

·       Jeopardy Game

Avoid Problems, Manage Risk through Ethics

·       Learning objectives and introduction to Risk Management and Ethics

·       NAR Code of Ethics and Standards and Practices

·       Advertising

·       Handling money belonging to others

·       Unintentional and undisclosed agency

·       Dual Agency

·       Documents and disclosures

·       Caveat Emptor

·       Property disclosure form

·       Fraud and misrepresentation

·       Legal advice and decisions

·       Sub Agency

·       Lead paint and disclosures

·       Checklists

·       Misrepresentation

·       Price fixing and boycotts

·       Summaries

·       The role of government

·       Summing it up

Predatory Lending

·       Basics

·       Property flipping

·       Price gouging

·       Balloon payments

·       Discrimination

·       Prohibited steering practices

·       Predatory vs. sub-prime loans

Implicit Bias

Understanding concepts of bias

Understand how implicit bias forms

Recognize bias in legal system

Be able to understand how implicit bias happens
in real estate and advertising

Cultural Competency

Be able to understand cultural differences

Know why culture matters

Know how to become culturally competent

Understand how to create a culturally sensitive
real estate experience.


·      * No Partial Credit can be given for this course