New York 22.5 Hour Package A Continuing Education #C06566

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Course Overview

N.Y. 22.5 Hours Package A

This package meets the NEW Agency requirements for Sales and Brokers

Course Details 22.5 hrs. C.E.  Package A

Section 1: Buying and Managing Investment Property

  • The techniques required to buy investment property
  • The pitfalls inherent in investment real estate
  • Does a property represent a potentially successful investment?
  • Create an authentic job description for a property manager
  • A plan for managing your investment property
  • Is managing your own investment property is a good business move for you?

Section 2: Understanding Real Estate Financing

  • Understand current financing opportunities
  • Create a financing scenario that will assist buyers
  • Financing pitfalls as they may affect different buyers
  • Assist a seller in realizing his net after a sale
  • Distinguish the differences among lending programs currently available

Section 3: Predatory Lending

  • Predatory lending and the effects on the market place
  • The differences between predatory lending and fair lending practices
  • How subprime lending influences financing options
  • The secondary mortgage market and its’ application in financing

Section 4: Introduction to Short Sales

  • Determine the cause of the booming short sale market
  • How to structure a short sale
  • Identify potential short sale property
  • Develop a presentation to fully explain the short sale process

Section 5: Managing Risk Through Ethics

This section meets the NEW Agency requirements for Sales and Brokers

  • The meaning of risk and risk management
  •  Positive and negative aspects of risk
  • Explaining and interpreting the NAR Code of Ethics
  • Implementing the NAR Code of Ethics into everyday behavior
  • Potential liability when the letter of the law is not followed
  • Law of agency and license law as they impact risk. This section meets the NEW Agency requirements for Sales and Brokers
  • Differences between customer and client relationships
  • Descriptions and explanations of various disclosure documents

Section 6: Mandatory Fair Housing

  • Fair housing laws as they have evolved over the years
  • Discriminatory red flags in the course of showing homes
  • Implement a plan to prevent discriminatory behavior
  • Different scenarios to prevent discrimination
  • Recognizing and understanding the impact of discrimination on the public
  • Obligations of the licensee during the transaction

* No Partial Credit can be given for this course