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This category contains all courses suitable for Real Estate Continuing Education

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New York 22.5 Hour CE Packages

Our 22.5 Hour CE Packages meet NEW Agency requirements for Sales and Brokers while allowing you to select a mix of topics instead of repeating the same continuing education over and over!

Click the package name or the “eye” on the list below to see the topics covered. For a more detailed break-down of the topics, including all of the sub-topics, click on the package image.

  • Buying and Managing Investment Property
  • Understanding Real Estate Financing
  • Predatory Lending
  • Introduction to Short Sales
  • Managing Risk Through Ethics
  • Mandatory Fair Housing
  1. The Lucrative Condo and Co-op Market
  2. Mandatory Fair Housing
  3. Keeping Out of Trouble – Law of Agency, Lead Paint, Code of Ethics
  4. In’s and Out’s of Real Estate Financing
  5. The Impact of Taxes and Assessments on the Sale
  • Law of Agency
  • Anti-Discrimination and Fair Housing
  • Property Management
  • Buying and Managing Investment Property
  • Estates and Interests
  • Anti-Discrimination and Fair Housing
  • The Real World – Agency, Anti-trust, and You
  • Avoid Problems – Manage Risk Through Ethics
  • Predatory Lending
  • Land Use Regulations
  • Construction
  • Agency, Anti-trust and You
  • Anti-Discrimination and Fair Housing
  • Recognizing and Understanding Environmental Concerns
  • Appraisal vs Pricing
  • From Contracts to Closing
  • Understanding Real Estate Financing
  • Commercial and Investment Real Estate
  • Avoid Problems – Manage Risk Through Ethics
  • Anti-Discrimination and Fair Housing
  • Law of Agency

Individual New York CE Courses

Our individual CE courses are perfect for those that only need a few CE hours, or just want to learn more about a specific topic.


Click the course name or the “eye” below, or click the course image, to see what each course covers. 

This 5 hour CE course covers the follow topics and skills:

  • Currently implemented agency and anti-trust laws
  • Distinguish between the customer and client, and be able to work with each accordingly
  • Create different dialogues for use with either the customer or client
  • Discuss with, and educate the public regarding the choices to be made in a real estate transaction
  • Become familiar with the necessary agency and disclosure forms
  • Develop a plan of action to prevent anti-trust violations
  • Evaluate current working relationships with other companies to be certain that anti-trust laws are not being violated

This 5 hour CE course covers the follow topics and skills:

  • Recognize the basic elements of an appraisal as it compares to a market analysis
  •  Learn the criteria for becoming an appraiser
  • Become familiar with the elements of an appraisal that will create a better market analysis
  • Understand the differences between an appraisal and a market analysis
  • Create a market analysis in order to assist a seller with the pricing of a home
  • Learn how to discuss the rationale of proper pricing with the seller

This 3 hour CE course explores the history of discrimination and the evolution of fair housing laws. You’ll learn how to properly present housing in a fair and unbiased manner.

This 3 hour CE course covers the follow topics and skills:

  • The essential elements of a real estate contract
  • Recognize the basics of a deed
  • Follow the course of areal estate transaction from contract to closing
  • Distinguish among the terms applicable to contracts and deeds
  • Understand the details involved with preparing a title report
  • Learn what is required in order to obtain clear title
  • Create dialog with buyers and sellers in order to alleviate most of the tension felt by them before and during the contract to closing process

This 3 hour CE course covers the follow topics and skills:

  • Recognize the extent of environmental concerns in our everyday world
  • Learn the different elements that contribute to our environmental concerns
  • Become familiar with governmental agencies that regulate our laws
  • Assist the public in creating eco-friendly environments
  • Distinguish between natural and man-made environmental issues
  • Understand what contributes to an how to slow down global warming